Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Yeah, I Look Good

You know when you have one of them days where you think, yeah I look pretty good today.  Your hair goes right, your make-up goes perfect, your outfit looks good and you just generally think you look nice.  I had one of those days today.  It felt good.

Not so good quality picture taken from my phone.

Last night I went to see Derren Brown.  I was a bit sceptical about going to see him.  I had seen him on TV before and found it interesting, but I didn't think it would be that great seeing him live.  My brother likes Derren Brown though so I bought him a ticket for Christmas and bought myself one to go along with him.  It was actually quite epic!

I'm going shopping tomorrow evening.  Since I don't have a job any more it would be a good idea to not buy anything and save my money.  But my wardrobe desperately needs updating, and I have seen things that I want...

Like this dress from Topshop:
I am absolutely loving this colour at the moment!

And these jeans from Topshop:

I think that's the colour I want to go for.  They don't have to be necessarily from Topshop (you can only get these ones online) but some like this pair.

And finally these shoes from Miss Selfridge:

I don't yet have a pair of wedges, so I think it's time I purchased some!

It's time for me to go and pick my boyfriend up from his night out now.  What a joke!


  1. Love the dress, so pretty (and the colour is lovely!). I also like the colour of the jeans. What a great pair of wedges. Have a good time shopping..hopefully you can find some bargains :)

  2. i love the colour of that topshop dress and jeans :)

  3. That dress is lush! New follower :) x

    Please check out my blog and maybe follow?

  4. New follower to your blog :)
    I love the jeans and shoes. And boyfriends can be so much trouble! :) x