Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Scales Do not Lie

Sitting at home on my arse for the last three weeks has not done me any good.  In fact, it has done bad.  I have gained half a stone.  Shock HORROR.  With three remaining weeks until I start back at University I am  going to do something about this terrible weight gain so it's time to put some plans into place.

To be honest it doesn't take much for me to lose weight.  But because of this I tend to be quite careless about the food I eat and the exercise I do.  I allow myself to eat junk food and foods filled with fat, and I virtually do no exercise. Now I'm not saying I'm the world's worst eater, because I do enjoy a good salad and remember to eat my fruit and veg.  But I want this to be a long term plan, I want to love the way my body looks as well as being healthy and looking healthy.  To make sure I keep this up I'm going to log my progress here each week and how well I'm doing or how naughty I've been.


I'm not going to go on some crazy diet and starve myself because that wouldn't work out long term and I like my food too much to starve myself.  I am going to stop snacking as often though.  I think that quite often when I am hungry, I am actually just thirsty so I am going to reach for the water, orange juice or green tea instead.  However if I do find myself hungry after a drink I will eat something healthy like a piece of fruit.  At lunch time I will try eating more salads instead of sandwiches and pizzas.  For dinner I will make my portion size smaller.

Exercise-wise I will start off by jogging. Then I am going to join up to the gym and do some aerobics classes.  Then when I feel brave enough I will start doing weights to tone up (but only light ones at the beginning because I am pathetically weak).

If I stick to this, which doesn't seem too hard, I think I will start to lose weight and look better.  I will update my progress here each week and hopefully soon I will start to see an improvement!!

Is anyone else trying to lose weight or become more healthy at the moment?


  1. Me! I'm looking to lose about 50lbs then see how happy I am with my body then.

    I'm like you, I need to stop snacking, making better choices and exercising!

  2. I'm currently doing exercise classes like aerobics, couldn't recommend them enough :) x

  3. i hope you like my style and my looks... and maybe follow me

  4. Good luck with your weight loss plan!

    Sita xx