Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Little Update

Tomorrow is my first free day after 5 weeks without a day off.  
That's right, for the last five weeks I have been working 7 days a week without a day off.  Ok, I had a day off when it snowed because I couldn't get to work on Sunday, but that doesn't count because I still got up early and got ready for work that morning.  I am feeling so exhausted and worn out.  On Friday it was my last day of placement (no more placement for a few months!), and today was my last day of my weekend job.  I am now a free woman! (If I forget about the uni work!)  It feels good.

I am off to the cinema with the boyfriend to see Safe House in a bit.  I have no plans for tomorrow except to lay in bed and bum around all day.  It's going to be a good feeling.

Next year is my last year at uni! That's sad.  However it is that time of year to sort out accommodation for next year!  I've already sorted out who I'm living with.  We went to look around the new house today.  Fingers crossed I will get the room I want, and if I don't get that room then hopefully I will get the second room I want!  I'm already excited about how I'm going to decorate it and how it's going to look.  I love moving into a new room and decorating it how I like and making it feel all homely.  I can't wait to move out of this shithole of a house!  My current house is so crappy, the new house is much nicer.

Now I have finished placement I can finally wear what I want everyday and not my shapeless, unflattering work uniform.  I can finally grow and paint my nails, I can wear more make-up during the day if I wish, I can wear whatever jewellery what I want, I can wear whatever shoes I want.  I have actually missed choosing an outfit in the morning.

Plans for the next few months!
In the next few months I plan to work really hard with my uni work.  The grades I got last year weren't the greatest and I didn't work particularly hard either so this year I want to work as hard as I can!  I need a new hobby too.  Sometimes I find myself sitting around feeling a bit bored so I need to go out there and find something!  Next week I also plan to get back to the gym.  I want to start some classes too such as aerobics and zumba.  I really want to get back in shape!

That is all for now.  Cinema. Then SLEEP!


  1. I would HATE not being able to paint my nails - how do you cope???

    1. I don't know! It bothers me more that I have to constantly keep them short. Can't stand it! I guess I just make do with painting my toenails.