Monday, 28 October 2013

Explore The Town You Live In

With the weather getting colder now, I was thinking back to the days of summer.  I had been living in this town for just a few weeks when a friend came to visit and we went to explore the area.  It was really nice to discover places I probably would not have thought of going on my own.  On this day out I took many pictures, some of which my friend has not yet sent me.  But I am going to share my pictures.  Everyone should get to really know the village/town/city that you live in, even if you have been living there for the past ten years, you may find little places that you never knew existed!

Hiding in a field.
Stuck up a tree.
Trapped in a field by cows.
Still a child at heart.
Hiding from the rain in a barn.

Tree house!

Cute snail!

Cereal advert?

Friendly cows.

Go explore! It's fun!


  1. wow that is a pretty town you live at! my goodness!

  2. Awesome photos! I love it :)