Monday, 27 February 2012

Things That Make Me Happy: List 1

It was back to uni today for me!  Finally! I haven't had any lectures in months!  Now I have a full timetable for the next few months.  This morning I got woken up with my boyfriend bringing me pancakes and tea to my bed.  At first I thought I was dreaming.  But no, sure enough he was standing there in front of me.  I have never had pancakes for breakfast before.  But they were very yummy.  I never thought lemon and sugar would go down well for breakfast, but I thought wrong.

Each Monday I am going to make a list of 10 things that make me happy, because let's face it, Mondays can be a bit depressing.  So here is my first list!

Things That Make Me Happy: List 1

 1. My Family
I live away from home while I am at uni and can sometimes go for weeks without seeing my family.  I do miss them.  I might not like living at home with my parents much, but it does make me happy to see my family.

2. My Bed.
It's a very comfy memory foam mattress, and I could lie in it all day!  I love my sleep, I can never get enough.

3. Cups of Tea
I love tea! It's one of the best drinks ever.  Especially when it's cold.  I think I might be addicted.

4. Sunrise
I am rarely awake to see this.  But a few months ago when I was driving to placement I would be driving to work so early that I would see the sun rise.  I loved it.  Or I like it when I'm coming home from a night out and you can see the sun come up.  It's very pretty.

5. Walks Along The Beach
There's just something special about walking along the beach barefoot on a nice sunny day.

6. Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka
Not because this is alcohol (well... maybe partly) but because this is one of the best tasting and nicest smelling drinks I have ever come across.  It's so nice.  Especially mixed with cream soda.  Yum.

7. Money
I don't believe that money alone can create happiness.  But without money I worry about how to pay bills and have to be extremely careful with what I spend.  If I have money then I can spend without worrying too much.

8. Wales
Why Wales?  People ask.  I'm not sure.  I just love the place.  I have had some of the best times of my life in Wales.  Very happy memories indeed!

9. Enter Shikari
I have seen this band so many times now, and each time they have never failed to disappoint.  They are awesome!  I could listen to their music forever and ever and ever.  If I am feeling a bit down I can stick on a bit of Enter Shikari and it will usually cheer me up.

10. Festivals!
The music, the mud, the friends, the fun, the stress free awesome-filled weekend.  Yes, I even like the mud!


  1. Really cool list! First one is the same as mine! I will never think of putting bed on my list, and now i realized that I love my bed more than anything haha!
    I never tried that vodka, seems so good!
    Enter Shikari! <3

    1. I couldn't not put my bed on the list! haha.
      Yay! Someone else who likes Enter Shikari!

  2. Love this idea! :D Thanks for taking part in my blog hop lovely! :) xx

  3. lovely post :) i agree with the family one, i miss my family when i'm away at uni too :( love your blog by the way, i'm now following :)