Saturday, 11 February 2012


I feel like I have a lot to catch up on.  I don't post on here nearly enough as I would like to, but I'm so busy at the moment!

I found some pictures on my camera which were taken last Saturday night.  The night it snowed.  The night we decided to go to the pub.  The pictures I found were of what I was wearing...

But really, there was no need for me to dress up.  I'll explain.  So, it started snowing before we headed out.  But we had already made the decision to go out to the Uni pub, so we stuck to our plan.  It's a half an hour walk to the pub.  We did phone a cab company but they were charging too much so we decided to walk.  By the time we were got there we were caked in snow - we looked like walking snowmen!  I could feel my hair dripping and make-up running down my face.  But I didn't really care because I thought to myself everyone else would look like that too.  But no.  The three of us walked in there and everyone turned to stare because everyone else was perfectly dry.  I didn't really mind though.  I like walking in the snow, even when it makes me look like a mess.  Then I ended up keeping my coat on all night because the heaters in the pub had broken and it was freezing in there.  Then at about 1or half 1ish in the morning we walked home in the snow.  It was beautiful!  It was untouched and everything looked so clean and white and pretty!! I love snow! I did take my camera with me but was too cold to get it out and the two guys who I were with weren't so enthusiastic about the snow as I was.  It was so lovely though! Part of the journey involved trying to walk up hills in the quite deep snow, failing, and rolling down them.  It was fun!

All week I've been on placement. So glad it's the weekend now! Even though I work at weekends!

During the week some samples arrived from

My favourite was Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone, Bright Eyed.

This stuff was great.  It does what it says on the packet, 'primes, hydrates, de-puffs.'  I used this a few times in the morning before applying my make-up.  Each time my eyes felt fresh and brighter somehow.  I also used it one morning after.. an incident.. had happened the night before ending in tears which resulted in very puffy eyes the next morning.  Usually the puffiness would last pretty much all day but this cream worked very quickly.  It smells quite nice.  I would definitely consider purchasing this.

I wasn't so keen on the Elemental Herbology Soothing Oil Free Facial Hydrator.  I really didn't like the smell and it left my face feeling quite greasy.  The Cool and Clear Facial Cleanser wasn't too bad.  Again, I wasn't a fan of the smell, it reminded of my the dentist!  But it felt ok, wasn't the worst cleanser I've used, wasn't the best.  I did quite like the Facial Glow Radiance Peel Mask.  It left my skin feeling quite refreshed and clean. I would use it again.

As for the Green Tea Marvel Gel Blackhead Remover, I was quite looking forward to using this stuff.  But it had obviously been hanging around a bit too long and was all dried up in the packet meaning I couldn't use it.  It was quite disappointing.

There was more snow on Thursday night!  It made me excited.  So here's some of my Friday morning snowy pictures... (As you can tell, I live in a beautiful area... HA!  No)

I do love trees with snow on.  They look so pretty!

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