Thursday, 23 February 2012

I Always Like The Expensive Things

Tomorrow is my last day of my hospital placement!  I cannot wait.  I like my placement, but it gets tiring!
On Tuesday evening me and the boyfriend went out for food to Frankie and Bennys, I like that place.  On Wednesday (last night) we made pancakes, a day late, but they were good pancakes!  With lots of maple syrup, sugar and lemon juice.  Then we went to the cinema to see Ghost Rider.  It was an ok film, nothing too special, just alright.

Since last Friday I've been using a sample of Estée Lauder DayWear B.B. Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Creme.  You can get it in two different shades, I actually have no idea what shade I have been using as it doesn't say anywhere on the packaging.  I have been using this cream everyday before putting on my foundation and I love it!  I'm pretty sure my skin has improved (both moisture-wise and spot-wise) and my skin doesn't seem to look so oily or shiny during the day.  I experimented yesterday and did not use this cream under my foundation, to see if I preferred using it or not and I decided that I definitely preferred using it.  You could also wear this cream on it's own without putting foundation on the top as it gives quite good coverage.  It is quite pricey at £32 per 30ml.  But I love this stuff and will be buying some very soon when my sample tube runs out!

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  1. Ooh il have to try this cream sounds good! :)x