Monday, 20 August 2012

What Do I Take To University?!

Well done to my little brother. He's off to University in September!  Thursday, results day, was a bit of a stressful day but we finally found out he had been accepted into Anglia Ruskin.  So well done to him!

It seems like just yesterday it was me who was finding out what University I got into.  But that was three years ago!  If I could go back to three years ago, I would do things much differently.  I started University when I was 19 after having no idea what I wanted to do.  Before this, I hadn't even thought about going to University!  Both of my parents didn't go and it didn't even occur to me that I would have to make that choice about whether to go or not.  But the end of college was soon approaching and I was panicking about what to do next so I quickly picked a course that I thought might interest me which narrowed down the possible Universities, then I just picked the Universities that looked best when I visited.

If I could go back in time I wouldn't go to University straight away after college, I would get a job and earn money for a couple of years, get a bit of life experience and possibly go travelling at the end of those few years.  I would then go to University at the age of 21/22.  By then I would have a clear choice of what course I wanted to study (hopefully!), and where I wanted to study.

I'm not saying I have had a completely horrible time at University, because I haven't.  I have met some great people who have been there for me through the good and bad, learnt a lot (and not just educationally!) and had a great experience.  I'm not sure if I picked the wrong course either, then again I'm not sure if I picked the right course.  I sometimes can't help wondering what it would be like to study another course, however I am quite enthusiastic about the subject I am currently studying.  So it hasn't all been bad, there has been a lot of good.  But if I could do it all again and change it, I would.

Well getting back to the main point of my post.  Thinking back to my first day at University, I went there so unprepared!!  So I am going to make my own little guide about what to take to Uni!

  1. Passport, driving licence, other important documents
  2. Text books, pens, notepads, diary etc
  3. Towels, soap, toothbrush, soap, and the other usual bathroom bits.  And don't forget the toilet roll!
  4. Baby wipes - These definitely come in handy!
  5. Bedsheets, pillows, mattress protector (just 'cos I'm a bit strange, there was no way I was sleeping on a bed which lots of other people had slept on before without a big thick and comfy protector)
  6. Decorations - Posters, photos, postcards, fairy lights (Uni walls can be very boring and depressing and it's nice to add your own touch)
  7. Sleeping bag, airbed, pump for the airbed (just in case friends come to stay!)
  8. Wash basket, bin, bin bags
  9. Air fresheners, candles
  10. Alarm clock (maybe), phone, laptop/computer, camera (for all those embarrassing freshers pictures!), extension lead, printer
  11. Clothes - For lectures, nights out, the gym etc.  And don't forget fancy dress clothes, especially a school tie and shirt as well as any other fancy dress items you may have
  12. Speakers, films (for film nights with any new friends, or all those times when you have nothing to do)
  13. Television - although this isn't necessary, but handy.  If you have a television, make sure you have a licence!
  14. Iron, washing powder, softener, clothes horse, coat hangers, Febreeze (an ironing board isn't necessary, some unis may provide them but the bed or desk can also be used as an ironing board)
  15. Plasters (especially if you're as accident prone as me!), painkillers
  16. Cooking equipment (and don't just take one fork, knife, spoon, plate, saucepan and mug like I did.  Take more than that!)
  17. Washing up liquid, tea towels, sponge, kitchen roll, usual kitchen stuff
  18. Anti-bacterial wipes, toilet cleaner, bleach etc
  19. Torch, sewing kit, safety pins
  20. Food.  Alcohol! I turned up on the first day without any - that was a mistake!
  21. Board games, drinking games, cards - Especially handy in the first week when no one really knows each other.
  22. Small suitcase - Very handy to take all your washing home on a weekend.
That's about it!  I think I've covered all the important things!

But just in case I missed a few things, here are some 'what to take to Uni guides' that are quite helpful:

The Student Room


  1. if i could go back i would definitely have enjoyed university more. and i would have pushed myself to take classes that i had a geniune interest in versus just taking them because i needed it for my degree. you live and you learn!

  2. There are so many things I'd do differently if I could go back. I would do exactly what you said not go off to college right away. Travel. Oh well. I'm hosting a fun giveaway overon my blog. You should check it out!

  3. You know, once you get a don't feel like doing anything else!

  4. I absolutely loved my uni and college was amazing and made the most of every moment..great friends, great courses and of course the most amazing parties!!
    Found you via the Blog Love Therapy blog hop

  5. Great thorough set of tips..I took a mattress protector for the exact same reason! Congrats to your brother. I miss being a student!

    Sita xx

  6. Ugh I can't wait for uni! I would love to go off and study something in depth! But then, is it weird that I'm so definite about what I want to do in life? :P x
    Newest follower!

  7. I'm about to go back for my second year :P I wish I had known a year ago how much fancy dress stuff I needed! x

  8. I never went away to uni so I never had to pack to move there. It looks so stressful trying to figure out what to take and packing it up!

    Found you through the bloghop and your comment on my blog! Love the blog name too

  9. Hey lovely...i nominated you for the Laine Blog Award!