Monday, 5 March 2012

Things That Make Me Happy: List 2

It's Monday again!  So that means it's time for another list of things that make me happy!

1. Snow
I got so excited when it started snowing yesterday.  In fact, I get excited every time it snows!

2. Hot Chocolate
Mmmm I want some now.

3. Lostprophets
Ohhhh I love this band.  A lot.  They make me extremely happy listening to them and singing at the top of my voice.

4. My Boyfriend
I don't think I need to explain this one :)

5. Helping People
By this I mostly mean when I'm on placement.  My placement is in a hospital which constantly requires me to  help and care for people.  I love it when I do a successful job at this, I love it when I make people smile and I love it when they tell me I've done a good job.  I just like knowing I've made a difference to someone, however small that difference may be.

6. Smiling
Whether it is smiling at someone or smiling because of something, it always gives me a good feeling.

7. Driving
I just love having control of the car and the endless possibilities of where I could drive to.  I also love driving fast.

8. Friends
Old friends and making new ones.

9. Travelling
I love visiting new places.  I love the feeling when you step onto land you've never stepped onto before, and I love exploring these new places.

10.  Succeeding at University
I do like studying and learning new things, but I am unable to sit still for very long and have such a short concentration span so I find it very difficult to sit down a study for hours... which my course needs a lot of.  So I love it when I actually learn a load of new information and am able to remember it.


  1. I can't stand snow. I loathe being cold - I was totally the wrong person to be born in Scotland, haha. I saw the Lost Prophets live once, I think it was 2003 maybe. They were supporting Linkin Park on tour, but they were virtually unknown at that point - I think I only knew one or two of their songs, and not very well!

    1. I can't stand being cold either but for some reason I still really, really like snow.
      Yeah, I don't even think I had heard of Lostprophets in 2003. I started liking them a year or two later!