Friday, 16 March 2012

Cheap Booze!

Morning!  Or should I say, afternoon.  I feel like such a lazy person at the moment.  I haven't done any uni work in a while which means I need to study extra hard next week to catch up.  I do not like the amount of things I need to learn!!

On Wednesday afternoon, this is what the boot of my car looked like:

Tesco were selling each crate of 12 for £5, so being the students we are, we couldn't resist.  So here is the drink supply for me and two of my housemates.  I have already consumed some of them.  I couldn't stop myself, they were just staring at me.  Alcholic?  Me?  No.

Yesterday I went back home to visit my brother and we went off shopping for a Mother's Day present.  My Mum is a very hard person to buy for and we didn't want to get her the usual jewellery, perfume, bag, plant that we normally do.  We knew she needed a printer so we got her one.  Not very Mother's-Day-ish, but something that she needs and will use.

I also got some other supplies for the boyfriend's birthday:

I've bought one present, and know what other present to get, I've got the decorations, now just to get the card and to decide what cake to make.  This is quite organised for me seeing as his birthday is a week away.  Usually I leave birthdays and Christmas until the day before and then panic.

On Wednesday night while my housemates were watching the football and I was a little bit bored (football doesn't really interest me much!), I decided to do my nails.

Right hand - Without flash

Left hand - With flash

They are actually quite messy, but I don't think they're too bad for a first attempt.  I usually just use one colour and don't bother with any kind of pattern.  I used two coats of Nivea Calcium Power in Soft Rose for the base.  Then two coats of Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Cool Jade.  Then for the white stripes I used Special Fx Dual Tip Nail Art Pen.  I think I need to have another go and keep practising until I get less messy.

Tomorrow is St Paddy's Day!  So being part Irish, I have to go out and celebrate of course.  Tomorrow I'm going home to see my family, then we're going out for food and then to the pub!

I just wanted to mention that I'm selling a couple of items on Ebay from ASOS that I've never worn before, so I'm trying to clear out stuff that I never use while making some money.  So if anyone is interested they can check them out here and here
These are the items that I am selling:

I'm off to get ready to go to uni now!


  1. gotta love cheap alcohol! and your nails are really nice, love the pattern! x

  2. brilliant deal on the beer...gotta love that:) and love your nails! :)X