Sunday, 4 March 2012

Give Away!

So I'm going to do my first ever give away.
It's only a very little one, two pairs of rather cute earrings. (New and unused of course!)   I didn't expect many people to read my blog at all, so thank you to everyone who does! I'm a bit obsessed with earrings at the moment so this is the perfect thing for me to give away. 

The first pair are a cute, wooden ladybird pair of stud earrings as shown below.

The next is a pair of flower earrings.  The winner will have a choice of colours (bright pink, black, baby pink, white, lilac, cream, yellow, blue or green).

To enter, all you need to do is:
1. Follow me
2. Leave a comment with an email address or link to your blog so I can contact you

It would also be great if you could:
1. Follow me on bloglovin here
2. Follow me on twitter here

The winner will be selected at random.  You have until next Sunday to enter!

Urgh, I am so tired right now.  I feel like I'm not making much sense.  Hopefully my brain will start working later on and I can do a proper blog post :)


  1. Love your blog.

  2. gfc: marla

    followed on bloglovin' and twitter :D

    those earrings are so cute!

  3. congrats on your first ever giveaway even if it is a small one :) i'd love to enter. i'm already following you and my email is :)

  4. huge giveaway! Maybe it's not the biggest, but those earrings are absolutely cute!!


  5. Those earrings are adorable! I would like to enter please, I already follow you and my email address is