Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Need More Clothes!

Evening! I have so much uni work to do at the moment as well as so many lectures to attend, I miss the slow pace of last year!

I'm loving Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner at the moment.  I don't usually like using Dove products on my hair, because I feel that it cleans it too much if that is possible and it makes it very fluffy and uncontrollable.  But the oil care conditioner doesn't make my hair fluffy and fly-away.  It doesn't normally take a lot to keep my hair in good condition, but it felt like the ends were becoming a little dry so I chose this conditioner.  I usually wash my hair every other day and after a few uses my hair is now feeling lovely, soft and conditioned again.  I will definitely use this conditioner again!

I really wish I had money at the moment!  I'm pretty skint at the moment seeing as it is the boyfriend's birthday and Mother's Day this month.  I have seen some things in the shops recently that I have liked which I have been trying not to look at.
These from River Island:

And these from Miss Selfridge:

 Maybe I should get a job.


  1. I love those limited edition shoes! I've only just found your blog and am now following you. :-) xx


  2. love the first top and the green blazer :) x

  3. Your blog is amazing!!!! You are brilliant! Fantastic post! Have a brill day!