Monday, 1 October 2012


Next week I am starting placement for 6 weeks, which means short nails and no nail varnish, so I thought I would give myself a manicure.  I always like to do this when my nails have grown to a decent length.

Firstly I applied Nivea's Calcium Power in Soft Rose.  This nail varnish claims to strengthen nails and gives my nails a lovely light pink colour.  I used one coat of this.  The white colour was from a gift set someone bought me from Debenhams.  I started off by covering the natural white bit on my nail, then if my hand slips or I make a mistake I have room to make that white bit a touch thicker without looking silly.  I applied two coats of this.  After this had dried I gave it two coats of Lasting Colour by Collection 2000 as a top coat.  The clear Lasting Colour varnish claims to last 10 days so I am going to see if it lasts!

What I wore today to university:  Summer colours for a rainy day.  Yes, it was raining today and I didn't realise resulting in muddy shoes, wet clothes and frizzy hair.  Even though it is quite obvious summer is now over I am still loving this mint green colour so won't stop wearing it just yet!

Top:  Vero Moda
Blazer:  Krisp
Jeans:  River Island
Shoes:  Primark

At the moment I'm in my own little world of university where I don't have to wake up that early, can have naps in the middle of the day, can watch television or films in the day and do my own thing when I don't have lectures, can stay in my pyjamas all day when I don't need to go out, can go shopping in the middle of the day, have time to do my essays and work, can hang out with housemates whenever I want and can go to bed at whatever time I want.  Like I mentioned earlier I have placement next week so will soon snap out of this.  But at the moment I am quite content in my own university bubble.


  1. that top is so beautiful, the colour and all :) thanks soo much for following!xx

  2. love the manicure, and i'm obsessed with that mint top! such a gorgeous color! new follower from the blog hop :)

  3. love the colour of that top!

    and i love your blog, please come and visit me at mine and follow back?

    thank you!!


  4. That outfit is lovely, really like the cool of the top with the grey blazer :)