Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sundays Are Meant To Be Lazy

Well... I've been quite busy today.

Yesterday I wrote about trying to clear the rubbish in my room.  Yesterday it looked like this:

And today, after trying to tidy and clean all day, it looks like this:

Is it me or does it look worse?!

I am having one big problem here. Storage.  I am used to having a room at uni, and a room at home.  So I have had two rooms to store everything.  And now I suddenly have one.  I have come to the conclusion that I have too much clothes, far too much underwear, make-up, and beauty and hair products.  I am a hoarder.  I have just thrown out a load of school work that I was keeping in my wardrobe... I left school 6 years ago!  I have no idea why I kept it for so long!

I'm going to do a little update about what I've been up to in the last few months, as I have abandoned this since 18th April!  During which I was going through a really rough time and things only really started to look up in July but they have been getting better ever since.

So I went to see Lostprophets twice.  Once in Birmingham, where I met them!  I took pictures but they are on my other camera which needs charging.  And once in Wales, where I spent the weekend and it rained the whole time.

I finished all my exams and passed them all.  So, so happy!  And I completed 10 weeks of placement which was hard work and very tiring but I managed to get through it!

I went to see the Avengers Assemble in a normal cinema.  Then the Avengers in IMAX.  Loved it!! I went to see Amazing Spiderman, and The Dark Knight Rises.  Both awesome films!  And I went to see Prometheus.

I went on a few nights out which I hadn't done in ages!!

I went to Download Festival for the first time, which was so so so so good! But very windy and muddy and wet.  But I got to see great bands like Metallica, Tenacious D, Killswitch Engage, Steel Panther, Lamb Of God, Machine Head and Trivium.

I turned twenty-two!! Eeeek.  That's starting to not sound so old any more, and I'm starting to like being this age.

And I went to see The Darkness.

I have a few things I want to achieve this 6-week-long summer holiday (just 5 weeks left now!):

  1. Lose weight!  Not too much, just half a stone, or a stone would be nice.  I will do this by eating better and doing some exercise.
  2. Learn!  Next year at uni is my final year and I want to do as much preparation as I can so I will do as well as possible in this last year.
  3. Get a new hobby!  Something! Anything!  I want to start doing something that interests me, like start learning a new language or something.
  4. Get a job!  Preferably a bar job or something.  Although this is looking less and less likely.
  5. Enjoy myself!  This is possibly going to be the longest holiday I am going to get in I don't know how long... Maybe the next few years!  So I need to enjoy it!!

And that post was much longer than planned!!


  1. Congratulations on passing your exams :) I've been trying to tidy my room today... not going well :P x

  2. Oh dear haha, I'm so bad with my room too! Always say I'm gonna tidy it but never get round to doing it...never miiiind :)

  3. Seems like you have been quite busy and you went to see a lot of bands which sounds great ;)