Thursday, 12 January 2012

One Year, A Whole Twelve Months

Not too long ago I bought some new shower gels, probably because they were on offer.  And I absolutely love them!

Lemon and Tea Tree
This is the first one I tried.  It smells so lovely and lemony, but it's not too overpowering, it also smells slightly sweet.  I thought it was great...

Vanilla and Raspberry
...But then I tried this one today.  This one smelt so good I wanted to eat it!  It slightly reminded me of raspberry yoghurt.  Yum, it was nice!  And now my skin smells lovely!

I was very bad today.  I spent £80 on the Topshop website.  That added to the £90 I spent on ASOS last week means I am left with hardly any money!  Plus I am going shopping tomorrow.  Oh dear.

Recent Buys:

<< ASOS Cami With Button and Ruffle Front in Nude/Black

Vila Check Shorts in Coconut Brown (from ASOS)  >>

<< ASOS Mini Dress 2 in 1 with Chain Print

River Island Belted Tunic in Gold (from ASOS) >>

What I'm Up To Tonight
My boyfriend and I have been together exactly one year today.  Let's all reach for the vodka and wine!  So we're going out tonight for food and then to the cinema.  I really want to wear some of my new clothes.  Maybe the shorts with the top, but the shorts are a bit big.  I might have to exchange them for a smaller size (YAY!).  Hmm we'll see...

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