Friday, 7 June 2013

Maria's Festival Guide Part 1

I may see myself as a bit of a festival pro seeing as I have been to my fair share of festivals over the years.  So I am going to share my festival list with you, so you can be fully prepared without experiencing an overloaded car and many long arm-breaking trips back and forward from car to campsite.

1. Tent - 
Unless you are going for the day of course.  Choose wisely, you don't want a flimsy tent that collapses under the tiniest gust of wind, then again you don't want to spend £100s on a fancy tent that may get muddy/trampled on etc.  In fact, WILL, get muddy.

2. Sleeping bag -
For obvious reasons, unless you want to be shivering all night.

3. Pillow -
Not necessary, just depends how comfy you want to be.  I always take a pillow as any sleep at a festival is precious sleep.

4. Blow up mattress - 
Again, not necessary, it depends on comfort vs how much you want to carry. Additionally you could get a self-inflating mat, or just choose to sleep on the floor.

5. Pump - 
Unless you want to blow up that mattress with your mouth.  If that is even possible.

6. Torch - 
Very handy, especially for those night time trips to the loo.

7. Loo roll - 
Essential! Keep some in your tent, some in your bag, some in your pocket. Never know when you might need some toilet roll.

8. Wellies - 
Essential.  I always laugh at those fools who turn up in their trainers then end up having to buy expensive wellies at the festival.

9. Money - 

10. ID - 
Again, an obvious one if you are planning to buy or even take in alcohol.

11. Tickets! - 
Well, duuuhh!

12. Antibacterial hand gel - 
A must! If you are a clean freak like me you will take a bottle for each day. Ok maybe that is over exaggerating, but make sure you take at least one bottle.  I take antibacterial wipes as well.

13. Plasters & headache pills - 
Not absolutely essential. But I always seem to be a walking first aid box, you never know when a plaster may come in handy, and you don't want to be walking around with a throbbing headache all day.

14. Camera -
Just incase you want to take a few pictures for those awesome memories.  You may want to take a disposable camera depending on if you think you may drop it in the mud or lose it. I just take my digital camera and make sure I look after it.

15. Tape - 
Just in case you get a hole in your tent... or to tape your tent poles together if they break.  This happened on the first day at my first festival. Luckily I was prepared.

16. Phone - 
Just in case you want to find your mates/call your Mum/check the time.  You may not want to take your new, expensive phone.

17. Bin bags - 
Useful for putting muddy clothes in, rubbish etc as well as lining your car when you're ready to go home.

18. Toiletries - 
I will make a separate post on this.

19. Clothes - 
Another post on this to come as well.

Do you have any festival must haves that I have missed off the list?

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